We Believe In   Quality

We are manufacturing all kinds of apparel since 1988.
Our aim is to produce the best in the least and we are doing it for more then 30 years and will keep doing so with our dedication and your love.


Work with us

Work with us and enjoy complete freedom of choice, quality and price over your products.


Our Process

All of our processes from knitting, stitching to printing is done in house thus we have complete quality control


Best Prices

We guarantee best prices because all the processes are done by us so no third party is involved.

We are here to help

We will help you with any questions you have or inquiries. Also if you want to ask anything in general don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Exclusive Features

Knitting Unit

We have our own knitting unit comprising of 20 circular knitting machines of both polyester and cotton


Stitching Unit

We thrive to deliver the best and as fast as possible with our own unit of more then 50 stitching machines


Our own store

We have our own offline and online store with apparel made with our own fabric.